by Kushagra and Rishabh
enhanced by Ionică Bizău



How to play

You are an octocat in the game (specifically a Jetpacktocat), a little character. You need to click the mouse, press the key, or tap (touch screen devices) to levitate, otherwise the octocat will descend. If she hits the top or bottom boundaries that'll end the game.

There will be some obstacles along the way like forks (), branches () and some enemies () who are also known as pakias. There are 3 types of pakias (which are actually other octocats as well):

  • sad (pull you)
  • happy (push you)
  • angry (kill you)
Keep safe distance from them (especially from the angry ones)!

There are some collectibles too! Coins for points (yellow for 50, pink for 100, red for 500). Topguntocats for invincibility for a short period. Socialite cats will spawn clones that'll destroy anything that comes in their way!

Hit the Enter or Spacebar keys to (re)start the game.


This HTML5 Game (OctoPakia) has been happily changed for the Github's Game Off 2015 (The Game Has Changed).


This game was initially named Pappu Pakia and it was created by Rishabh and Kushagra. Thanks to Rezoner for Music.

IonicaBizau changed it by replacing the sprites into Octocats designed by GitHubbers. Also the interface was enhanced by using Primer and Octicons.

All other sounds produced by personal thingies like mouths, hands and books. Some tricks and tips that we learnt while making this game has been shared on CodeTheory and CSSDeck.

Code on Github Original repository (Pappu Pakia)